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hi, I'm Lindsay!

I'm the maker behind Bundle Handmade. Born and raised in the south, I am a big believer in adapting antiquated crafty traditions to fit a comfy, modern lifestyle. (I am also a big believer in iced lattes, breakfast tacos, and the grammatical utility of the word y’all.) I believe knitwear should be comfortable, durable, and practical for an everyday wardrobe, and I do my best to create designs that are just as fun to knit as they are to wear.

When I’m not knitting, you can usually find me playing Dungeons & Dragons or nerding out over social science research and data analysis. A true introvert at heart, I am happiest at home, usually with an iced coffee or hoppy beer in hand, watching The Office for the hundredth time and playing with my goofy Australian Shepherd, Charlie. And when I do decide to venture out into the world, you better believe I bring a bag full of yarn with me. You know, just in case.


If you think we would work well together or if you have any questions for me, send me an email at

You can find me elsewhere, too! I'm most active on Instagram as @bundlehandmade, and you can also find my designs on Ravelry.