#MakersGetReal Instagram Challenge

Every so often, I like to "get real" on Instagram. I'll post a picture and share that I am feeling discouraged, or burnt out. I'll let you guys know that I'm needing to take a few steps back from Bundle to recharge. I'll freely offer that I have no new ideas and am feeling disconnected from the maker community. I'll share frustration over frogging and screwing up. While I always feel a rush of self-consciousness over these posts, the response to them is surprisingly and overwhelmingly positive. People acknowledge that it's a rarity to read something "real" on the glossy, curated platform that is Instagram. As much as we know that social media isn't reality, it can be easy to forget when we're scrolling through picture after picture of perfect creativity. It can be hard not to feel down on ourselves for not achieving what we perceive as perfection in other makers.

So, if you are having a tough time with this (as I do periodically), I wanted to put together a little challenge for everyone to come clean, recharge, and – most importantly, I think – share your struggles with your audience. I know this can be difficult to do, so I thought having a little packaged guide of challenges might help us all loosen up and get real with each other. (Also check out the The Imperfect Boss, Rachel Allene's #TheHeartfeltGrid challenge, and Allison Sadler's #FreeUpMyInsta challenge for more imperfection-embracing social media magic.)

Who This Challenge Is For

Let me start with the caveat that I understand that Instagram, for many people, is first and foremost a business tool. I understand that there are those makers who keep themselves 99% out of their grid, and instead focus their energy on elevating a product or brand. This challenge is (perhaps obviously) not for those accounts, and that's totally okay!

However, this challenge is for those makers who put themselves into their social media accounts, who use their Instagram accounts for community as well as business, and who believe (as I do) that making meaningful connections is an integral part of the maker experience. For me, connecting with fellow makers in honest, heartfelt ways has been the biggest fuel for creative gratification. It has led to others reaching out, propping me up, and reminding me of why I love what I do – something we all need from time to time. And something I'm hoping this challenge will help bring to you.

How To Join In

What I've put together is 14 prompts for your Instagram posts. These prompts are designed to guide the captions you share and the actions you take, not necessarily the photos you post.  Respond to these prompts in order if you like, or out of order, or spaced way out, or however you want. Interpret the prompts in the way that makes most sense for you, and share what you feel comfortable sharing. All you have to do is post on Instagram responding to the day's prompt and tag your post with #MakersGetReal.

If you want to post along with me, I will be completing each day of this challenge starting Friday October 13 and ending Friday October 27, 2017 using the hashtag #MakersGetReal. Hop in whenever you want, or join the conversation later – whatever works for you!

And now, without further ado, the prompts:


I hope this little guide helps challenge you to share more of yourself with your community. And remember, even though these prompts are designed to get you sharing some of the less flattering sides of being a maker, I'm not by any means encouraging negativity! I think the best thing to do with uncomfortable realities is get them out in the open, and laugh about them together. It's all about you, babes. Share more of yourself with the people who follow you, and watch your engagement – the real kind, not the kind we like to track with numbers – flourish in response.