Making Update #3: High Altitude Crafting

My two weeks in the mountains have come to an end. We spent several days on the road and then divided our time between a reclusive cabin set high in the mountains near Cañon City, Colorado and a smaller, more social cabin clustered with its cabin friends right on the edge of Ouray, Colorado. The mountains were beautiful, calming, and enticing. We rafted on the Arkansas River, took a gondola across a 1,000-feet-deep gorge, and drove our Jeep along bumpy trails that opened up to unreal views. It was a great trip, and I can't wait to go back.

In between all the running around, looking at mountains, and putting the finishing touches on my thesis proposal (the unsung time-sucker of this trip), I managed to squeeze in some knitting. Often it was only a few rows captured between impromptu hiking trips and raucous Jenga games with the brothers, but it was something. My only regret is that I didn't get a fabulously styled picture of me knitting on a fallen tree log, or something. Oh well. Who really wants to knit in the forest, anyway? (Me. I do.) Alas, I stuck to cabin porches and passenger seats.

What's that? You want a few more pictures of the mountains before I start talking about knitting? Well, okay.

Sticker-covered mailbox at the top of Imogene Pass, 13k feet.
When the sunset paints the mountains pink...

finished projects

While I am nearly finished with the shawl I've been working on, it doesn't quite make its way into this category yet. Otherwise, I haven't bound off anything new this week. The perils of always working on bigger projects.

works in progress

Unnamed Shawl

I'm still working on this triangular shawl. It's coming together so nicely, and I'm super excited to see how it turns out. I love that I've really just let inspiration take over with this one. I had no real plans when I started, other than to use the three colors I had. It's a train-of-thought project. Every few rows I think, "Do I want to switch colors? Do I want to change texture?" And just follow whatever whim whispers in answer. Sometimes it's great not having a plan.

The only thing this project is missing (other than the final few rows) is a name. I'm thinking of naming it after something up here in the mountains, since that's where the majority of the shawl came together. Maybe Sneffels, the unreal and goofily-named mountain I've been seeing in the distance for the past few days. Maybe Gorge – although I run the risk of the name being interpreted as a shortened "gorgeous." I might have to open this up to you guys. If you have any thoughts, send me a message, or let me know in the comments!

Yarn:  TOSH Light  in Calligraphy, Modern Fair Isle, and Liquid Gold Pattern: Original (forthcoming)

Yarn: TOSH Light in Calligraphy, Modern Fair Isle, and Liquid Gold
Pattern: Original (forthcoming)

Yellowstone Cardigan

This project has gotten a little less love than the shawl this week, but again, I've been squeezing in little bits of quality time with it when I can. Yesterday I hung out by a hot springs fed pool with a beautiful view of the mountains and knitted, purled, knitted, purled (ad infinitum) and let the cool breeze ease the sun's heat off my skin. Today I spent quality time with the cardigan while Thomas navigated mountainside shelf roads.

Man, my blog posts are going to be much more boring when I leave the mountains.

Yarn : We Are Knitters'  Pima Cotton  in Pearl Grey  Pattern : WAK  Yellowstone Cardigan

Yarn: We Are Knitters' Pima Cotton in Pearl Grey
Pattern: WAK Yellowstone Cardigan


Juliet Tee, Koigu Blanket, & Chunky Striped Blanket

All were on hold this week, waiting for me back in Texas. They'll pop back up in next week's update!

future projects

I actually have a couple of exciting projects lined up – some of which are collaborations with some of my favorite yarn companies! – but I'm holding off on sharing about these until I've freed up room in my project queue. August is basically spoken for, making-wise. But September will bring some exciting new things, and I can't wait to share more!

yarn acquisitions

Yarn in:

Yarn out:

Wow, I'm not even meaning to be on a yarn diet, but I managed some self-control this week. Go me.


Adventure dog wishes you a happy, safe, and creative week!