Making Update #4: Forever Projects & Frogging

Hey guys, sorry for missing last week's update! (I know, you were all on the edge of your seats. It's okay. I'm here now.) I've decided with grad classes and thesis right around the corner, I'm going to start doing biweekly posts, because the truth is I just don't do enough making-related stuff in a normal week to warrant a weekly update. So this is my update for the last two weeks! Which is exciting, because I have much more to say than if I had written this last Saturday.

Forever Projects

Dear Forever Project Diary,

I didn't realize I needed you until Kelly (@knitbrooks) started writing entries to her forever projects via Instagram, and it sounded, ahem, a little too familiar. So, here I am. We need to talk.

Two color pop blankets were promised for two different people months ago – one was a promised Christmas 2016 gift, the other a promised March 2017 wedding gift. Both have sat, mostly done, with a few assembling tasks left and ends to weave in, for a couple months at least. I know, it's terrible. But, diary, I hate weaving in yarn ends. Enough for me to procrastinate for a truly shameful amount of time.


Anyway, the point is, these are finally done. Like, really done. Not post-on-Instagram-hiding-the-ends-hoping-I'll-finish-for-real-soon-enough-that-it's-okay-to-say-it's-done-on-social-media done. But actually done. In boxes ready to be taken to the post office done. So high five, diary. I've made room for new projects to fill those baskets shoved in the corners of my apartment, where I avoid looking because of all the abandoned projects... We'll talk soon.

finished projects

Sneffels Shawl

Other than those two blankets (which I am feeling immense relief about), I also finished up my shawl, which I have decided to name Sneffels in honor of the goofily-named mountain that loomed in the distance while I worked on the bulk of this project in Ouray, Colorado. It took me a while to cast off, because – in the general theme of this post – I had to frog about 3 hours of work right at the end because I just didn't like how it was turning out. (Side note: frogging such tiny, fine yarn scared the crap out of me, being a fairly new knitter, but I used my circular needles as a makeshift lifeline and it worked beautifully!) The finished product is lovely and I'm so excited to use it in the coming colder months. All that's left is to photograph it and get some testers on it, and then the pattern will be released! I'm really excited for this one. Stay tuned.

Yarn : Madelinetosh TOSH Light in Calligraphy, Gold Rush, and Modern Fair Isle  Pattern : Sneffels Shawl (original, coming soon!)

Yarn: Madelinetosh TOSH Light in Calligraphy, Gold Rush, and Modern Fair Isle
Pattern: Sneffels Shawl (original, coming soon!)

works in progress

Koigu Blanket

After frogging a couple of ideas, I finally settled on a design for my blanket using Koigu's fluffy Othello yarn. I still have a difficult relationship with frogging. As much as I hate moving backwards and undoing hard work (especially, you know, when it's a lot of work you have to undo), I really like the feeling of retracing my steps with more confidence than I started out with. I think sometimes it takes working with a particular fiber to get a feel for what you want to do with it. It's hard to do, but I've started to trust that nagging feeling that the thing I'm working on isn't quiiiite right, isn't quite perfect enough. Anyway, that's what I did with this project. I started out with what turned out to be an awkward design that I didn't feel much for as I was making it, and ended with plans for a fun, textured design that reminds me of a stage curtain's gentle ripples – perfect, given the name of this yarn. I'm excited to share the final product and more about my process with you guys soon!

Yarn:  Koigu Othello  in colorway O2432 Pattern: Original (forthcoming)

Yarn: Koigu Othello in colorway O2432
Pattern: Original (forthcoming)

Juliet Tee

I am suuuuper close to finishing up my We Are Knitters Juliet Tee. All that's left is to assemble and weave in the ends (although, given my track record with forever projects, I guess that's maybe easier said than done...). It's beautiful and I should finish just in time to catch that last, seemingly-never-ending stretch of brutal summer heat. Texas is a cruel, humid mistress. But this cotton will keep me cool. Photos coming soon!

Wool Roving Blanket

Welp, speaking of frogging, I ended up frogging my striped chunky blanket. I didn't like how the design was working up – it was too wide, and the pattern was getting boring to me. Again, struggling with that frogging dilemma – to start over (scary) or to not feel proud of the final product (disappointing)? But after spending some time sketching out new patterns, I decided on something that I like much better. I'm holding off on casting on until I get my other projects off my needles first, though. I planned to have several blanket designs ready for the upcoming pattern release, but I'm really just not feeling the chunky wool yarns quite yet. I think some of the blanket designs in my head/sketchbook will just have to wait until it's not 95 degrees out.

future projects

Again, I'm remaining cryptic on future collabs and designs this week while I get the rest of my shit together (on top of making responsibilities, I happen to have a chunk of thesis work breathing down my neck, so that hasn't been good for creative focus!). But suffice it to say, there are some crazy exciting things in the works! School is just around the corner, and as much as I love it, I'm also going to miss the leisurely time for creating. Sighs all around. But rest assured, there are a few cold weather designs in the sketchbook that I'm hoping you guys will love! I seriously can't wait for fall.

yarn acquisitions

Yarn in:
6 x Purl Soho Worsted Twist (destined for some secret, fun designs!)

Yarn out:
3 x Madelinetosh TOSH Light (Sneffels Shawl)
3 x We Are Knitters Pima Cotton (Juliet Tee)