We Are Knitters Wool + Throw Pattern Giveaway!

Several months ago, a dream collaboration came to be. We Are Knitters, gorgeous yarn company and maker of some of my favorite yarns ever, sent me six balls of beautiful, squishy wool yarn to play and design with. Right away I decided that, since this wool yarn was my original fiber love, it would make sense to use this as an opportunity to dive back into crochet, my original maker format. Allowing the beautiful wool to inspire me, I ended up designing this fun, textured throw that I'm so excited to share with all of you!

Crocheting with cozy, chunky wool, for me, always means curling up on the couch with the AC turned way up (because it's still roughly 80 degrees here in Houston, oy), a cup of coffee, and plenty of fall-scented candles. That scene was exactly how I got started with Bundle a year ago, and We Are Knitters' The Wool yarn was the fiber I was consistently drawn to. The first patterns I designed and blankets I sold were made using this wonderful yarn. My family often teased me for using 100% Peruvian wool in Texas, where it is literally never necessary, but I didn't care because I simply could not get over the amazing stitch definition and weight that this wool roving creates.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Since getting started with Bundle, I've slowly transitioned to using lighter weight yarns (including an extensive love affair with We Are Knitters The Cotton yarn this summer) and, lately, have focused more on knitting designs. So this collaboration with We Are Knitters gave me the perfect opportunity to return right back to my maker roots – chunky yarns and my beautiful, beloved crochet hook from BQueenCollection. The timing of this project perfectly coincided with the changing season, too – the whole feel of fall is (slowly) descending on Houston, and the crisp evenings and fall-scented candles are bringing me right back to the time of year when I first started working on Bundle. The whole process of designing this throw was a wonderful kind of nostalgic, and I threw all of those feelings into this fun new design. It's heavy, squishy, and beautifully textured, and – even better – very simple and repetitive to make! The simplicity of this pattern makes it perfect for setting up in front of Netflix with a cup of coffee and letting the stitches fly by.


Because they are the sweetest company, We Are Knitters are partnering with me to give away some awesome wool to you guys! One lucky winner will get a free copy of this Flat White Throw pattern, along with enough yarn (six balls of The Wool) to complete the pattern in a color of your choice! Check out my Instagram post here for details on how to enter. I'm super excited about this collaboration and am so honored to have the opportunity to send some beautiful coziness to a winner! The contest will be open through Monday, October 23 at midnight CST and a winner will be picked and contacted before Wednesday. Don't miss your chance to enter!