Darn Good Pillow Cushion: Free Crochet Pattern

You guys may remember my earlier blog post about Darn Good Yarn and their inspiring story. This week, I sat down with the beautiful, unique Sari Silk Ribbon yarn they generously gifted me, and I decided to make a pillow cushion with it. If you've worked with this yarn before, you'll know what I mean when I say that it's a little bit weird (in the best way way) compared to other yarns. Because the yarn is handmade using strips of recycled sari fabric sewn together (so cool!), the texture is really variable, and the yarn tends to have little frays coming out of it. Personally, I think this gives it a lot of character – it is a constant reminder of the many hands that have touched the yarn before I ever did, which I really love to think about. That said, it does mean that fabric created using just that yarn can be a little bit rough to the touch (though I anticipate that will lessen as the fabric is used).

So, my solution was to hold the sari ribbon yarn double stranded with the old favorite, Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick. Since many of us have scores of this stuff lying around, this project doubles as a great stash buster! I mean really, how often do you get to buy new and unique yarn for yourself knowing that the project you're using it for will double as a stash buster? You don't even have to feel guilty about buying the new yarn that way, right? Anyway, end result: The fluffiness of the T&Q combined with the texture of the sari ribbon makes a great, squishy, unique cushion that I absolutely love. And bonus: you can experiment with lots of different color combinations, depending on your home style, available stash, and mood.


To make one 16x16" cushion, you will need two skeins of Darn Good Yarn Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn + about 2 balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick. You will also need a 15mm crochet hook (mine, as always, is from the lovely BQueenCollection), plus the usual suspects for cushion making: a 16x16" pillow insert (which you can find on Amazon or in most craft stores) or polyfiber fill, plus a darning needle and scissors.

The instructions given below are for the basic stitch pattern of the cushion. Within this, feel free to switch up the colors however you like! I created a sort of marled stripe effect on one side of my cushion by alternating the color of my Thick & Quick yarn every two rows while keeping the Sari yarn color the same. On the other side of the cushion, I experimented with a color block sort of thing by using the green Thick & Quick color for 15 rows and using the fisherman for the remaining 9 rows. Bottom line: It's your pillow, you can do what you want to!



You will be using one strand of Sari yarn held together with one strand of Lion Brand Thick & Quick yarn. You could also probably hold two strands of Thick & Quick together if you do not have Sari yarn available.

Ch 24.

Row 1:  In fourth ch from hook, sc. Ch 1. *Sc, ch 1* to the end of the row and finish with a sc in the final ch space.

Row 2:  Ch 2 and turn. Sc in first ch space, ch 1. *Sc in next ch space, ch 1* to the end of the row, finishing with a sc in the 4-ch space from your first row.

Row 3:  Ch 2, turn. Sc in first ch space, ch 1. *Sc in next ch space, ch 1* to the end of the row, finishing with a sc in the 2-ch space from the beginning of the previous row.

Rows 4 – 24: Repeat Row 3 to the end. Feel free to adjust colors as you see fit! At the end of your 24th row, cut yarn and draw through your last stitch to bind off.

Repeat the previous instructions once more to create a second side to your cushion. Holding the pieces flat against one another, sew around 3 sides of your pillow. Insert a 12x12 pillow form (I got mine on Amazon) or polyfiber stuffing and sew together the final side. Voila! You now have a unique, handmade piece made using sustainable, ethically created materials that you can be proud of. Enjoy, makers!

If you end up making your own cushion, give me a tag on Instagram @bundlehandmade. I'd love to see it!

Charlie has hereby claimed this pillow as his own.

Charlie has hereby claimed this pillow as his own.