Making Update #6: Everybody, Meet Barb

Well, I skipped a making update. Which means I haven't been around here in a month. The past few weeks have been completely insane, mostly with school and thesis deadlines and presentations, but also with family and roadtrips to see my long-distance love. I've started to come to terms with the fact that I don't need to set these ridiculously stringent project deadlines for myself. That's the beauty of being your own boss, right? I am under no obligation to work on an accelerated timeline or take on more projects than I can handle. It's tough to learn how to say no to things, and it's especially tough to learn how to recognize when you might have to drop a project or two. I really hate doing that, and I've had to do it a couple times these last few weeks. But, you know what, that's okay. Sometimes I have to turn away from making, take a beat, and breathe. I always come right back.

Anyway, with that ode to too-little-time out of the way, I do have things to share! I finished a few projects – later than I would like, of course, but they're finished nonetheless. And, that means I finally am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that means I get to start working on some new projects that have patiently been waiting for me! But perhaps the most exciting thing I want to share with you guys is the newest addition to my family. Meet Barb, my mannequin friend, who I am having way too much fun playing dress-up with. Barb will be wearing lots of fun knitted things very soon! Let's give Barb a warm welcome.

Barb is wearing the Sneffels Triangle Scarf.  Pattern  available in my shop!

Barb is wearing the Sneffels Triangle Scarf. Pattern available in my shop!


finished projects

Bonfire Scarf

I finally finished this scarf and have sent it out to some wonderful testers. All that's left is to officially photograph it. The interesting thing about this pattern is that it actually requires quite a bit of concentration and counting. Don't get me wrong, it's simple counting. But it still made the whole process a little slower than I would have ordinarily liked, and it does bump this pattern into a beginner-plus category that I haven't really strayed into yet. That said, the texture this pattern creates is well worth the extra brainpower. One of the things I love most about it is that the pattern is very versatile aesthetically. I actually think it would make for a great men's scarf! So, I'm super excited to get the pattern polished (which is particularly fun thanks to the wisdom I gleaned from Debrosse NYC's wonderful new pattern templates!) and published so I can see what Christmas gifts you guys make with it! (Seriously, as an aside, my favorite part about designing is seeing people make gifts for their loved ones using my patterns. It is the most gratifying thing. It never gets old for me.)

Yarn:  Purl Soho Worsted Twist in Copper Penny  Pattern:  Bonfire Scarf (original, forthcoming) Mug from TL Yarn Crafts!

Yarn: Purl Soho Worsted Twist in Copper Penny
Pattern: Bonfire Scarf (original, forthcoming)
Mug from TL Yarn Crafts!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Hayride Scarf

So I set out for this little guy to turn into a shawl/wrap kind of thing, but ended up with something a bit more narrow than I had originally intended. Which makes this scarf number two! It's a little unorthodox as far as scarves go, but I have to say, I'm a little bit in love with the colorwork and lace detail in this one. I think this is a super versatile, dainty, unique pattern with endless color potential – I'm already hoping someone works up this pattern in some dreamy neutrals. How pretty would that be? Anyway, I just finished this scarf late last night, so it has yet to be photographed, but that means the pattern is going to be sent out and tested soon! It's so exciting having multiple designs in the finishing stages. Designing is a long process – one that I love, of course, but the fact that it takes quite a while to get from initial conception to final testing makes the finish line so very exhilerating!

Yarn : Noble Character Crafts Yarn in Harvest, Life Giving, and Enriched  Pattern : Hayride Wrap (original, coming soon!)

Yarn: Noble Character Crafts Yarn in Harvest, Life Giving, and Enriched
Pattern: Hayride Wrap (original, coming soon!)


Works in Progress

Flat White Throw

After a long and passionate affair with knitting, I am dipping back into crochet for the first time in a long time. I am a little wistful to admit that knitting has really ignited my design imagination in a way that crochet never did. That said, crochet is my first fiber love, which means I have to dive back into it once in a while. One of the biggest perks of taking on this project was getting to use my completely gorgeous Goncalo hook from BQueenCollection, AKA the masters of crochet hook making. (Seriously, if you haven't, check them out!) A little back story... Those of you who have been following me awhile know that I've had a handful of these wonderful hooks. Unfortunately, whatever oils Makenzie uses to make her hooks so shiny and soft smells completely delicious to my dog, who has destroyed two of my beloved hooks and chewed up the butt end of a third. This 15mm hook is the only one that remains unscathed, and I'm working so hard to keep it that way. Which is difficult, because I tend to get up in the middle of crocheting and follow a train of thought to the kitchen or laundry room, or whatever. Last time I did that, one of my hooks disappeared without a trace, and Charlie was looking very guilty all night...

Yarn:  We Are Knitters The Wool in Natural  Pattern:  Flat White Throw (original, forthcoming)

Yarn: We Are Knitters The Wool in Natural
Pattern: Flat White Throw (original, forthcoming)

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Anyway. This throw was made possible by the sweet generosity of We Are Knitters, who sent me six balls of this scrumptious wool to design with. And, we maaayyy just have a giveaway up our collective sleeve, so keep an eye on this blog and my Instagram page for more info!

Future Projects

Final Countdown Cardigan

I got this kit gift from Wool and the Gang a few weeks ago, and am finally clearing up my queue so I can get my hands on it! The problem with generally taking on larger projects, and also with being a full-time graduate student with too much work and not enough free time, is that it takes me a while to get to the things I am dying to make. But I am so excited to work with the adorable, spotty yarn that's waiting for me! Especially with the temperatures in Texas creeping to just below unbearable heat, I am really looking forward to getting this project done so I can wear it everywhere!

Moody Cardigan

I've already named this beauty (after the gorgeous "moody gray" colorway Claire of Autumn and Indigo dyed up just for this project!), and the yarn is just waiting for me to dig into it, and I basically am beside myself with excitement to get started on this sweater. It will be my first complex knitwear design, which means I am looking forward to taking on a bunch of painful math and probably a longer-than-usual designing process. But I'm holding off on getting started, even though all the yarn arrived a couple weeks ago and it's just incredibly gorgeous, because I need to have as much time to devote to this one as possible. I hope you're as excited as I am! If any of you have some helpful tips for sweater design (particularly as it relates to math, oy), drop me a note in the comments!

Yarn : Autumn and Indigo Sport in Gold Rush, Sepia, Mushroom, and Midnight Grey

Yarn: Autumn and Indigo Sport in Gold Rush, Sepia, Mushroom, and Midnight Grey


More Shawl Fun

I have some lightweight yarn all ready for more shawl/scarf designing fun, once again in really beautiful autumn colors. The plan is for this design to be big, cozy, and colorful – just the way I like it! I'm on a huge shawl/scarf kick right now, particularly using lightweight yarn in pretty color combos. They're such satisfying projects, because there's a lot of room for designing as you go (my favorite), they're pretty quick, and they become such fun and cozy accessories. So be ready for lots more of those projects from me before the cozy season is over!

yarn acquisitions

Yarn in:
14 x Autumn & Indigo Sport (destined for my Moody Cardigan, and another little project I have planned!)
6 x Betta Knit Merino Superwash (also destined for a secret project coming down the pike!)

Yarn out:
3 x Purl Soho Worsted Twist (Bonfire Scarf)
3 x Noble Character Crafts (Hayride Wrap)