Making Update #8: Practicing Patience & Basking in Real Talk

The last two weeks were incredible. I barely got any substantive making done (everything is moving slowly right now for some reason), but that doesn't even matter because the #MakersGetReal challenge was so fun and I have to tell you guys all about it. Over 1,000 (!!!) posts went up using this hashtag, and in those posts were beautiful stories of struggle and resilience and connection. It was honestly more than I expected, and I'm really grateful to have been part of such a healthy, open, loving conversation in the community. I'm planning on writing much more on this topic soon, and probably hosting an Instagram live soon to chat with you guys about the challenge. But for now let me just say that it was amazing and humbling and I made connections with some really lovely people, and I'm so grateful to everyone who has participated. You're all awesome.

finished projects

Flat White Throw Pattern

While this pattern isn't technically a finished object, it's still a really exciting accomplishment. We wrapped up the giveaway with We Are Knitters on Monday, and I put out the pattern on Wednesday. This throw is such a fun, quick project, and I'm really excited to see the chunky throws you guys make for your loved ones (or yourself, I won't tell) for the holidays! If you'd be interested in using this pattern to make a chunky throw of your own, you can find it in my Etsy shop or by clicking here.


Works in Progress

Final Countdown Cardigan

As you will soon find is the theme for this week, progress has been slow on this cardigan. Patience was actually the topic of one of my #MakersGetReal posts this week. I struggle to be mindful with the process of making; I often feel stressed and impatient for the next project (or ten) that I want to get to, and end up getting frustrated with myself for not moving more quickly. This project feels particularly slow, which is kind of silly because it's not like I started that long ago. But I'm still on my first side panel, and that's irritating me because I was hoping to be done by now. Big sighs. But a lot of people offered me some really wonderful advice to help stay grounded and mindful in the process of making, and I've been trying to give myself permission to move slowly and carefully this week. The biggest tip I received is to engage in self-care, which for me means early mornings with sun salutations, good music, and coffee. I managed at least one of those mornings this week, so that's progress. I'm going to try and keep being mindful with my mornings, and I hope it helps with my chronic impatience.

Yarn:  Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton in 101 Spots  Pattern:   Final Countdown Cardigan

Yarn: Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton in 101 Spots
Pattern: Final Countdown Cardigan

Moody Cardigan

I finally cast on this beautiful cardigan, and even though, once again, it is slow moving (I am the slowest knitter in the world, it feels like sometimes), I am loving how it is working up so far. The deep, moody grey color dyed by Claire of Autumn and Indigo has this beautiful, subtle variegation that I am obsessed with. I'm so excited to see how this piece looks when it is all put together! This particular pattern is gong to go much more slowly than I am used to, but I actually kind of think there's some fun to that. I'm having to be really detailed and planned with math, schematics, and linking out to other resources, particularly because I'm planning for this pattern to be a beginner's introduction to garment knitting. I'm so excited about it. I know the lighter weight yarn will scare off some newbies, but I hope the general takeaway from the people who do take on this pattern is, "oh, holy crap, it's that easy? I'm going to knit all the sweaters now!" Fingers crossed it works out that way.

Yarn:  Autumn & Indigo Sport in Binary + Midnight Grey

Yarn: Autumn & Indigo Sport in Binary + Midnight Grey


Triangle Scarf

I got started on a new triangle scarf design this past weekend. It's still (obviously) in the early stages, and if I'm being honest I've already completely frogged the version pictured below, but I'm still enjoying the lighthearted process of making things up as I go. It's a fun distraction from working within fairly stringent patterns. I feel like it's relaxing for me to always have at least one project going that allows me to improvise and be spontaneously creative. Anyone else feel too boxed in when all of their projects require strict adherence to a pattern? I love having at least one thing I can just pick up and go without having to think very hard. Also, can we talk about these colors? Holy moly, I love them.

Yarn:  Madelinetosh TOSH Sock in Modern Fair Isle + Noble Character Crafts Pitter Patter in Enriched

Yarn: Madelinetosh TOSH Sock in Modern Fair Isle + Noble Character Crafts Pitter Patter in Enriched


Future Projects

Christmas Knitting

It's here, guys. Gift knitting is upon us. My current projects will keep me going for a while (especially at this rate), but once those are done, I'm going to be focusing most of my making energy on knitting and crocheting Christmas gifts for my loved ones (with an original design thrown in here and there, but mostly designing will be on the backburner). Most of my gifts are all planned out with yarn and patterns purchased; it'll just be a matter of picking which ones I want to cast on first! Probably the Yellowstone Cardigan I abandoned months ago, ha. More on gift knitting soon.

yarn acquisitions

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