Frequently Asked Questions


Can I sell pieces made using your patterns?

You may sell finished pieces using my patterns! I only ask that you let me know ahead of time, and credit Bundle Handmade for the design of your piece in the product's online listing, or any tags used in physical markets.

All patterns are protected by U.S. copyright law and it is illegal to sell or redistribute them in part or in whole, either digitally or physically.

© 2018 Bundle Handmade. All rights reserved.

Would you be interested in working with me/my organization?

I am always happy to consider collaboration ideas! Get in touch with me with the details of your project by emailing, and I would be happy to chat more with you about your ideas

I am happy to discuss potential wholesale orders with you. Please get in touch at to inquire about my wholesale prices and policies.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

We do accept returns within 14 days of receipt. If you need to set up a return, send us an email at

Do you accept returns?