Luxury yarns botanically dyed in Austin, Texas.

All dyeing happens in my kitchen and on my patio, using natural extracts, foraged dye materials, and kitchen ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste (like avocado pits and skins from all that avo toast I eat). When dyeing, I use non-toxic, food-grade aluminum potassium sulfate as a mordant.

Though most yarns are dyed in a dye lot, keep in mind that there is likely to be some variation between skeins. This is simply a result of the natural dyeing process. I recommend alternating skeins in larger projects, as you would with any hand-dyed yarn.

Another side effect of natural dyeing is that the colors will fade with time, as they are not bonded with chemicals the same way acid dyes are. I see this as a lovely quality of natural dyes – over time, your handmade garment will take on a unique history and memory of its own. To help your pieces hang onto their color for as long as possible, store out of light and wash gently and infrequently using cold-to-lukewarm water and wool-safe wash (such as Eucalan).

All yarns are guaranteed mulesing-free and sourced from the UK. We offer non-superwash and non-nylon options for those who wish to reduce their consumption of plastic products and chemicals. To learn more about our yarn bases, click here.