Fourth Wall Throw Knit Pattern

Fourth Wall Throw Knit Pattern


I designed this yarn in collaboration with Koigu Wool. Their Othello yarn, which I used for this cozy blanket, called me back to my English major days studying Shakespeare: I sought out stitches and patterns that would remind me of the stage curtain, that big piece of fabric that sits right where the invisible fourth wall exists. The blanket I created is meant to be reminiscent of the stage. The bulk of the blanket design moves like a curtain, rippling and ribbed, providing texture and a slate for language.

This throw is knit flat using only a beginner-friendly combination of knits and purls to create an interesting, textured, cozy throw blanket.

+ Skill level: Beginner
+ Knit skills required: Knit, purl
+ Yarn needs: Bulky yarn
+ This pattern uses US knitting terms.

(You can also find this pattern in Koigu’s Vill publication.)

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